Green party leader calls on Premier to use carbon windfall to keep buses on the roads

FREDERICTON – Green Party leader and MLA for Fredericton South David Coon says the Higgs government should use its unexpected carbon rebate from the federal government to keep buses on the road in New Brunswick.

“It is just wrong to leave people living in the northern half of the province stranded without public transportation services. It is blatantly discriminatory. Not everyone can afford a car.  Some are unable to drive. Bus service is essential when you no longer have a rail system, and it is an essential part of meeting our emission reduction targets” said Coon.

The Green Party leader says the unexpected cash coming to the Province from the federal carbon tax gives the Premier a second chance to sign a deal to keep the buses running to northern New Brunswick, and the ability to plan for a long-term solution to extend public transportation services to more New Brunswickers.

“It is time the Premier mandate the Minister of Transportation to implement the public transportation strategy commissioned by the government five years ago.  The solutions were clearly presented by Dr. Yves Bourgeois and his task force in 2017.  This government needs to act on them,” said Coon.