End glyphosate spraying on Crown Lands

Did you see the headline in your local paper last week? It said, “Liberal convention rejects action on glyphosate.” Once again the Liberals stood up for their corporate interests and turned their backs on the thousands of New Brunswickers who have signed a petition requesting a ban on spraying glyphosate-based herbicides on Crown forests.

This isn’t the first time the Liberals have failed to act on glyphosate and it won’t be the last. In 2019 David Coon proposed a motion that would have banned spraying glyphosate on Crown Lands and under power lines. Every single Liberal MLA joined the Conservatives in voting against it. How can they be trusted to protect our environment?

The Liberals and Conservatives have shown that their only interest is to maintain the status quo. The only way we can achieve our goal is to elect more Green MLAs to the Legislative Assembly. By signing this petition, you are joining us in our call for environmental action.

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Will you sign?