Environmental Rights

Did you know New Brunswick doesn't legally guarantee a healthy environment? This absence is why we face issues like the Coastal Shell plant troubles in Richibucto and the AIM recycling plant explosion in Saint John. These incidents hurt our communities and environment.

Think about the recent AIM explosion in Saint John. This disaster affected many, causing fear and uncertainty. It’s a clear sign that we must act now to protect our communities and environment.

Our Goal: We need your help to change this. David Coon, our leader, has introduced a vital bill in the legislature - "An Act Respecting the Right to a Healthy Environment." This law will make sure our environment is safe and healthy now and for future generations.

How this bill will create the right to a healthy environment:

  1. Environmental Rights Commissioner:
    • The bill suggests creating an Environmental Rights Commissioner to listen to citizens' concerns and investigate contaminants in soil, water, and air.
    • We need a quick and accessible way for residents to address environmental issues.
  2. Protection Against Corporate Pollution:
    • Recent pollution incidents, like the Saint John AIM explosion, highlight the need to hold corporations accountable for their actions.
    • By signing, you advocate for measures that safeguard the health of New Brunswickers.
  3. Preventing Environmental Challenges:
    • The bill acknowledges the urgency to address environmental challenges faced by residents.
    • We need to create a legal right to a healthy environment, allowing people to live, work, and raise their families in a safe and healthy space.

By signing this petition, you're not just supporting a bill. You're standing up for a sustainable, healthy future for New Brunswick.

Let's join together and make our province the fourth in Canada to legally ensure a clean environment. Add your name and support the Green Party's vision for a safer, healthier New Brunswick.

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Will you sign?