Be a hero by urging Higgs to give nurses a bonus for their sacrifices.

Surprise, surprise, Premier Higgs recently announced his government once again will have an “unexpected” surplus of $247 million. Premier Higgs has already sent over $2 billion to bankers in the past three years. That’s $2 billion that could help improve our healthcare system.

“Let's give nurses and long-term care workers the bonuses they deserve!” said David Coon. It's time for a morale boost and a real vote of confidence in our healthcare workers!”

The best news, we can afford these bonuses. The cost to give every nurse working in hospitals and nursing homes a $10,000 retention bonus would be less than $100 million.

If you agree with David, be a hero. Write Premier Higgs and urge him to reward our healthcare heroes rather than just sending the money to the bankers.

David with nurses

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