Affordable Housing and Skilled Trades Solutions

We, the concerned citizens of New Brunswick, call upon the Higgs government to take immediate and decisive action to alleviate the pressing housing crisis that is affecting families across our province. The relentless surge in rent and interest rates is placing an unbearable burden on our households, threatening our financial stability and well-being. We urge you to prioritize the creation of affordable housing solutions by funding not-for-profit cooperatives and NB Housing to construct new homes.


Why This Matters:

  • Affordable Housing Erosion: The loss of 8,625 affordable housing units between 2016 and 2021 is a staggering blow to families who are struggling to find safe and affordable places to live.
  • Unrelenting Rent Increases: The never-ending rise in rent prices is squeezing the pockets of families across our province, pushing us to the brink of financial hardship.
  • Shortage of Skilled Tradespeople: The lack of skilled tradespeople in our construction industry is hampering the development of affordable housing projects and hindering economic growth.
  • Threat to Homeownership and Financial Stability: The escalating interest rates are creating an increasingly challenging environment for families to maintain their mortgage payments, putting the dream of homeownership at risk and keeping further out for those dreaming about being homeowners.


Our Demands:

  • Immediate Funding: We demand that you allocate immediate funding to not-for-profit cooperatives and NB Housing to initiate the construction of new homes, ensuring affordable housing options for all.
  • Tenant Protection: Strengthen tenants' rights legislation to prevent arbitrary rent increases and unjust evictions, providing stability and security to every household.
  • Vocational Education Development: Invest in vocational education programs to address the shortage of skilled tradespeople, ensuring a workforce capable of building the homes our communities need.
  • Sustainable Solutions: Implement sustainable solutions to counter the loss of affordable housing units, safeguarding the well-being of families and individuals.

We are deeply concerned about the critical state of housing in New Brunswick.  Our Green MLAs hear from their constituents almost every day about unaffordable rent increases, and the utter lack of affordable apartments.   

“Since being elected in 2014, the number one issue for which my constituents needed help has been housing affordability, and that has only become more dire,” says Green Party leader David Coon.


Join Us in Making a Change:

New Brunswick is at a pivotal crossroads, and the decisions made today will define the future of our families and communities. 

By signing this petition, we collectively demand that the Higgs government take swift and meaningful action to secure affordable housing for every resident of our province. Let us ensure that the right to a sage and affordable home is a reality for all.

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