Healthcare for all New Brunswickers: Your Support Matters

In a perfect world, New Brunswick's healthcare system would be like a shining example of how everyone can easily use it, and you can always count on it to be there when you need it. Unfortunately, years of neglect and questionable decisions by both PC and Liberal governments have left our healthcare system crumbling. 

The ability to secure a family doctor has become a near-impossible task, while mental healthcare remains distressingly inadequate. The scarcity of doctors, nurses, and frontline workers within our health centers, hospitals, and nursing homes has reached a critical point. 

As he travels the province, our leader, David Coon, has made a point of speaking with  health care providers to hear their ideas on how to fix the system.  The time has come to implement the solutions that physicians, nurses, midwives, and other health professionals know will work.  

The Challenges Before Us Can Be Overcome

Our objectives include ensuring every citizen has a primary health care provider, implementing a comprehensive preventive care program, establishing a robust public mental healthcare network, and introducing life-saving harm reduction strategies to address the ongoing drug epidemic.

Our Path Forward: Together Towards Transformation

In carefully listening to the solutions offered by esteemed researchers, dedicated healthcare providers, professional organizations, advocacy groups, and patients, we have meticulously charted a course towards effective healthcare reform in NB. The path to a reimagined healthcare system is not just within sight, it is within our reach; however,  the Legislature has got to be a whole lot Greener to achieve this.



In the Words of Health Critic Megan Mitton

Megan Mitton's words echo the sentiment felt by countless citizens: "Successive Liberal and PC governments have eroded our public healthcare system. And now Premier Higgs has opened the door for profit-driven, corporate-run surgical centers to be set up in New Brunswick. The erosion of our publicly managed and run healthcare system has got to stop."

Your Signature, Your Contribution

Your signature on this petition signifies more than a mere name; it symbolizes your commitment to revitalizing NB's healthcare landscape. With your support, we can halt the deterioration and pave the way for a healthcare system that truly serves its people. Join us in reshaping the future of healthcare in New Brunswick. Together, we can make the change our community deserves.

Add your signature today to implore Premier Higgs to halt the privatization of our healthcare systems, to ensure equitable compensation for our nurses and front-line workers, and to lead the charge in rebuilding, transforming, and revitalizing our healthcare system. Add your voice; together, our voices can make an impact.

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