Join the New Brunswick Green Party

Thank you for supporting our work and our goals by becoming a member.

We do not want this fee to be a barrier to membership. If you feel that is the case then please let us know and we will waive the fee. Simply send an email to [email protected] specifying your request with the completed membership form or simply call the office at 506-447-8499 ( toll free 1-888-662-8683).

Don't want to use credit card? No Problem! Contribute by cheque or e-Transfer

1. Membership Fee


2. Your information
Membership fees are not tax deductible.

3. Payment information


By joining the party I confirm the following.

  1. I am over the age of 14.
  2. I am a resident of New Brunswick.
  3. I am not a registered member of another provincial party.
  4. I am applying for membership on my own behalf.
  5. I will uphold the constitution and by-laws of the party.
  6. I support the six principles of the party:
    • Living within our ecological means
    • Local self reliance
    • Participatory democracy
    • Self-determination and citizenship
    • Social justice and equality
    • Non-violence
My contributions to Parti Vert NB Green Party are limited to $3000 per year and they are from my own individual funds.

$ 10.00