Kent North

Kevin Arseneau - Elected MLA


Farmer at La coopérative Ferme Terre Partagée and Acadian activist, Kevin Arseneau is passionate about all things rural. Engaged locally, Kevin is chair of his Local Service District advisory committee, sits on the Kent Regional Services Commission, and chairs the committee Une communauté, un Avenir! (One community, one future!) which is studying the possibility of seeing Grand Rogersville become a rural community.

Naturally curious, Kevin has worked in the fields of ecotourism, fisheries, forestry, construction, restoration, and education before returning to his studies at the University of Moncton where he finished his baccalaureate in Education with a major in rural development geography and a minor in Acadian history.

Emboldened by his vast experiences outside the ordinary, Kevin wishes to see Kent North become a place of lasting and shared prosperity by focusing on forestry, fisheries, and agriculture.

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