The Green Plan for Supporting Small Business

January 12, 2024

Rogersville - Kevin Arseneau, Green Party Finance Critic and MLA for Kent North, is calling on the government to help out small and medium businesses by lowering the small business tax rate.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and some of the very best employers in our communities,” said Arseneau. “These small business owners live in and understand our communities, their kids go to our schools, their families use our health care system, and they do so much to make our province vibrant.”

Locally-owned small businesses in New Brunswick currently pay a provincial small business tax rate of 2.5 percent on their first $500,000 of annual income. Arseneau is proposing to lower the small business tax rate to 1% percent, just as it is in Prince Edward Island.

“This government has no problem giving tax breaks to their large corporate buddies,” Arseneau added. “So many small businesses are in an unfair position, competing against monopolies who have the unfair advantage of corporate welfare.”