Green Party Leader commits to immediately ending indiscriminate clearcutting and forest herbiciding

 Green Party Leader David Coon announced that a Green government would immediately ban the use of the spraying of herbicides, such as glyphosate, on Crown lands and under power lines.

“Successive Liberal and Conservative governments have been afraid to stand up to the big forestry companies,” said Coon. “I will stand up for what New Brunswickers want, and with 35,000 signatures on the Stop Spraying petition I presented in the Legislature, it is clear that it is time to ban the use of glyphosate and other herbicides on our forests.”

Coon also committed to ending the practice of indiscriminate clearcutting.

“Clearcutting is hurting wildlife populations and reducing the value of timber the forest can grow,” said Coon. “It is also hurting our tourism sector. When people come to New Brunswick, they expect to see trees, not clearcuts.  We will replace indiscriminate clearcutting with selective harvesting to encourage the natural regrowth of trees.