Government Outsourcing Energy Efficiency Jobs

14 MAY 2015

Fredericton – NB Power will begin outsourcing home energy evaluations to a Toronto-based company, under its soon to be announced Home Insulation Program.

NB Power took over Efficiency New Brunswick's mandate on April 1, 2015. It inherited the responsibility to develop an energy efficiency services industry to create jobs in New Brunswick. Instead, its first move was to replace New Brunswick's fledgling energy audit industry with a contract with a Toronto-based company. As a result, three of the four local companies which provided energy audits in New Brunswick have closed their doors and the fourth has been forced to lay off staff.

"This decision is not in New Brunswick's best interest," said David Coon, MLA- Fredericton South and Leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick. "We should be strengthening our economy by supporting local business and job creation rather than contracting for services out of province. Contracting out kills local jobs," said Coon.

In an earlier announcement, the Minister of Health announced he would be contracting out the management of hospital cleaning and food services to a foreign corporation, a move the Green Party leader said would result in job cuts and lower wages.

A formal announcement launching the new home insulation program is expected shortly.


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