Government Must Act Quickly on Reproductive Health Services for Women

10 APRIL 2014

The closure of the Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton underlines the need for the Alward government to move quickly on establishing quality reproductive health services for women in New Brunswick, according to Green Party leader David Coon.

The Green Party's advocate for health and the status of women, Marilyn Merritt-Gray says the core components of a quality provincial reproductive health service must include: reproductive health screening & treatment, contraceptive information & methods, and abortion services.


She says the planning and provision of abortion services for NB women must take place within a women-centered care model that recognizes and respects the rights of women to control their reproductive lives. Access to the full range of reproductive health services, including abortion must be available for women regardless of where they live in the province.

"Our health care system must work better for New Brunswick women," said Marilyn Merritt-Gray. "The provincial government's responsibility is to ensure women have access to caring and quality reproductive health care services, and this includes timely access to safe abortion services," said Merritt-Gray. "This means the Alward government must repeal Regulation 84/20, which imposes unacceptable restrictions on women who need timely access to safe abortion services."

Green Party Leader David Coon is calling on Health Minister Ted Flemming to immediately establish a Health and Social Services Working Group charged with the task of assisting with the transition and transformation of abortion services in New Brunswick.