Energizing the rural economy: Biofuels in New Brunswick

04 AUGUST 2016

Fredericton – David Coon, Leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick and MLA for Fredericton toured two bio-fuel producers in northern New Brunswick on Thursday July 28th.

“I was pleased to be able to visit Groupe Savoie in Saint-Quentin and Laforge Bioenvironmental in Saint-André to see their bio-fuel generation setups first hand,” said Coon. “Using the wood, wood waste, and food waste to generate carbon-neutral renewable fuel sources is brilliant both economically and for the climate.”

DavidOnSite_(1).jpgGroupe Savoie has established Biomass Solutions Biomasse with Sackville-based Compact Appliances to supply wood pellets and heating systems that replace fossil fuels and strengthen our local economies. For example, they have installed a central wood pellet heating system in the Grand Falls Hospital and deliver the pellets with New Brunswick’s first biomass fuel delivery truck.

Laforge Bioenviromental is generating electricity for NB Power customers from manure and food processing wastes to power 1,100 homes in the Saint-André area. Together with Complete Senergy Systems, they are piloting a project to convert sugar beets into biogas, biofuel, and sugar.

“With the right set of policies, New Brunswick has the opportunity to energize our rural economies by growing a sustainable bioenergy sector. If adopted by the Legislative Assembly, my Green Jobs bill would create those conditions for growth,” said Coon. “The beauty of bioenergy sector is it can create local jobs from supplying biomass from forestry, farming, and food processing operations to fuel production, equipment manufacturing, and fuel distribution anywhere in rural New Brunswick.”

Coon is a member of the Select committee on Climate Change which is seeking public input on how to cut New Brunswick’s carbon footprint while developing the economy. Public hearings begin on August 26th in Perth-Andover. 
For the full schedule go to http://www.gnb.ca/legis/Promos/Public_Hearings/Climate-Change/index-e.asp

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