December 2021 Newsletter

Despite all its challenges, 2021 has flown by and it is now already December. As an organization that relies on volunteers and members, December is an important month for us. Over the coming weeks, you will receive updates from your three Green MLAs asking for your final financial contribution for the year. I hope you will be as inspired by their work as I have been. Please consider making a year-end contribution so we can continue to grow.  

This month, in addition to keeping you up to date, we are also launching a few new sections in our newsletter - a volunteer spotlight and opportunities to get involved - please let us know what you think.

Thanks for all your support,

Nicolas Jelic - President, Green Party of NB


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Headlines this month:

  • Volunteer Spotlight: Remembering Brian Beaton
  • Green MLAs in Action
  • Get Involved:
    • Getting ready for the 2022 AGM - Available Provincial Council Positions
    • Invite - Policy Working Group 
    • Trivia Night Zoom Event
    • Call for Volunteer Translators
    • Contribute to the Newsletter
  • GPNB Press releases for November 2021

Volunteer Spotlight

We’d like to take a moment to appreciate, remember and reflect on one of the Green Party of New Brunswick’s most dedicated volunteers. 

Brian Beaton

Photo credit and caption - Robert Sheidow: “This is one of my favorite pictures of Brian so it was an easy choice. We were actually at Kevin's farm when this was taken. He just looked so content.”

Brian was a volunteer with the NB Green Party for over 8 years. Always a true green cheerleader, Brian poured his heart into spreading and supporting Green values everywhere he went – in person and online. Brian and his partner Susan were always well known for taking green supporters under their “wing” by making sure people felt welcomed.

 “Brian was a most remarkable man. A warrior for love, a fount of joy, a faithful friend and ally, and forever - a child of the universe.” 

– David Coon 

“Brian was an amazing ally, if there was a cause that spoke to him, he was there with whatever support he could offer. I visited Brian one day and in typical fashion, he started on about the amazing work he knew others were doing. He was raving about this small campaign in Northern Ontario that was looking to make locals aware of an important issue in their community. Brian decided that he was going to fully support their campaign and help these dedicated volunteers inform their community. They were amazed when their crowdfunded project received the funding they needed and Brian thought nothing of what he did and instead was talking about this group and the important work they were doing. The love that Brian had for community and his commitment to allyship has left a lasting mark that we will remember.”

 - Robert Sheidow

Watch Megan Mitton’s heartfelt condolences in the Legislative Assembly HERE

Read about Brian’s legacy in this article from NB Media Co-op HERE

Volunteers are the backbone of our work - There’s no doubt our green community will miss Brian but will never forget his kind soul and tremendous contributions to the NB Green Party. We know he directly inspired many of you and through you, his legacy lives on.

Green MLAs in Action

The Legislature has been in session for most of November, the Green MLAs focused on getting NB ready for the climate crisis, ensuring that everyone has an affordable place to live, and highlighting and uncovering how corporations continue to influence government decisions for their own benefit.

On top of that, they stood up alongside CUPE workers in the streets and in the Legislature as they demanded fair wages and to maintain their defined benefits pensions.  They are questioning why the private company, Medavie, is playing such a large role in the new healthcare reform and are working hard to ensure that all New Brunswickers have locally elected officials during this local governance reform.

MLA Quote of the month:

 “The role of the Premier is to serve the common good, not the wealthy few” 

– Megan Mitton | VIEW

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Get Involved!

Getting ready for the 2022 AGM

Heads Up! The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is:

Saturday, April 9th, 2022

The following positions are up for election:

  1. VP Anglophone 
  2. Treasurer 
  3. 4 regional council members:
    • South East
    • South West
  4. Chair (or Co-chairs) of the Policy Working Group

The role and purpose of the Provincial Council are described in our Party’s Constitution, available here. To learn more about the positions available and how you can be nominated, contact the Nomination Committee members at [email protected]

More details coming soon.

Policy Working Group – All Members Welcome!

Now that the strategic planning meetings have been completed, the party now has a clearer sense of how to harmonize caucus, governance, and policy goals.

With that in mind, Rebecca Blaevot, Chair, Policy Working Group, is inviting all interested members to a meeting of the Policy Working Group on Thursday, December 9th, 7:30 pm. 

 The agenda will include:

  • A quick review of the strategic planning outcomes and a new policy "how-to";
  • Topics to prioritize during the next year for the 2023 AGM;
  • Assignment of committees and timelines

 This will be a bilingual meeting.

Registration is required.  Please register HERE 

Questions? Email Rebecca at: [email protected]

Trivia Night - Zoom Event

Save the Date!

On Wednesday, January 26th, 2022 the fundraising committee will be hosting a Zoom Trivia Night.

To play:

  1. Gather a team of 4 & register
  2. Donate $100 ($25 each) to play
  3. Decide on a team name
  4. Bring your snacks and drinks & come join us online for a fun night!

Winners win bragging rights and will be featured in the February Newsletter.

To register/save your spot, email:

[email protected] 

More details coming soon.

Call for Volunteer Translators English to French.

We are in need of volunteers to help with making our communications excellent in French.

If you’re interested or have any questions please email: [email protected]

Contribute to the Newsletter

Email Julie if you have questions, comments, requests, events, news, or pictures you’d like to see in the next newsletter:

[email protected]

Press releases for November 2021

  1. Greens to press for social and environmental progress during fall session of Legislature
  2. Green Caucus to propose emergency debate in Legislature on ongoing labour issues
  3. Green Party leader issues supplementary opinion calling for end of use of glyphosate on Crown Lands
  4. Greens Caucus says healthcare plan is positive first step, but not transformational
  5. Local governance reform creates new opportunities for local autonomy
  6. Government has failed to make New Brunswick climate-ready