December 2020 Newsletter

A message from the Green Party Leader

Your Green caucus is back in action at the Legislative Assembly, buoyed by strong votes of confidence from our constituents, and the surge in support for Green candidates around the province.

We were all hoping to paint more seats Green in the Legislative Assembly, but the snap COVID election undermined the winning conditions that otherwise were present in a number of ridings. 

However, we now have incredible Green teams in so many ridings throughout the province that we didn’t have before. And it is that locally organized grassroots capacity that key to the growth and future success of the party.

The traditional parties have been picking up positions we have taken because of their popularity, without adopting the substance underlying our long-term vision for the future of New Brunswick. Flattering or frustrating, this reflects the growing strength and influence of Greens.

The flipside of this is muck-raking and dirty tricks directed at us in this recent election. It is a sad commentary on politics, but this signals that we have emerged as a major player in the body politic of New Brunswick.

Greens who ran this time are already thinking about the work they need to do in their ridings to win their seats next time. I hope you resolve to participate in your local RDA meetings and volunteer your talents to growing local Greens.

As the party of community power, grassroots democracy, and local self-reliance we will be relentless in the Legislature in our advocacy of local food and renewable energy security, and for decentralizing decision-making about healthcare, regional economic development, and local governance. 

As the party of self-determination, social justice and ecological sustainability we will challenge systemic racism, champion our responsibilities as treaty partners, advocate for the vulnerable and for those in care, and press for action to restore nature’s balance.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, Megan or Kevin with your ideas.

Best to you all


Your support

You will shortly receive our final appeal for funds in 2020. We rely on financial contributions from members and supporters like you for the resources necessary to fight for the issues important to you.

Also, the local associations (RDAs) of the party are the backbone of our party. They provide outreach and community-building activities, welcome new members and build the foundations for the campaigns in the next election.

Please consider making a contribution to the party at largeor to the local RDA in your electoral district.

No matter what you are able to give, we thank you for your support. It means a lot!

Great opportunity to get involved!

Members are invited to express their interest in taking part in the Growth and Development Committee. This committee is essentially our marketing strategy committee for the Green Party of New Brunswick.

Among its objectives are:
- Identifying our Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats
- Identify, define and discuss with stakeholders and constituencies we need to persuade
- develop a strategic marketing and communication plan
- put in place the tools necessary to operationalize the strategic plan (activation of RDAs, regional leaders, marketing plan, communication plan, etc.).

Ideally, the volunteers on this committee have (had) experience developing this type of strategic plan so that the Green Party of New Brunswick brand is better recognized and adopted by NB citizens.

Please share your interest to [email protected]

As we move into Winter

This time of COVID is unlike any other we have experienced, and now we are entering our first winter in this global pandemic. As we move most of our activities inside, it’s a time to be thinking even more about how we keep our families and our friends, neighbours and communities safe and supported.

Community solidarity is a good theme to be reflecting on and practicing during this time. What comes to mind is the Green Party founding principle of Social Justice and Equality that includes this statement:

We are all diminished by the presence of poverty amidst great wealth. A caring society ensures that all people have equal access to the necessities of life and to amenities which enhance our collective human experience -- health, education, quality housing, meaningful livelihoods, and cultural enrichment. Recognizing that individual wealth is socially created, the greatest burden for ensuring a just society must be borne by those with the greatest means. 

News from Green MLAs

Our three Green MLAs returned to the Legislature on Nov. 17, facing a majority government after the recent election. Strong Green voices are even more vital in this situation. In November, leading up to and after the government’s speech from the throne, our Green MLAs continued to make public statements on issues of concern in the province. Click on the headline below to read the statements:

Party leader David Coon’s response to the speech from the throne (video)

Green Party leader tables bill to protect tenants

Green Caucus calls on Higgs government to establish rent controls

Greens call on government to implement Climate Change Action Plan

Green Party leader calls for a more ambitious affordable housing plan

Green MLAs announce their critic roles and areas of focus

Green Caucus to propose emergency debate in Legislature on hybrid or virtual sittings

Green Party leader says committee work blocked by Legislature shutdown

In addition to their work in the Legislative Assembly, Green MLAs continue to serve the needs of their constituents. Here is the link to the hours and contact details for the constituency offices of David, Megan and Kevin:

2021 AGM: mark your calendars!

Saturday, March 20 is the date of the 2021 Green Party of New Brunswick AGM. It will be our second online AGM. More details will follow later this month.

COVID-19 information

For the most up-to-date and accurate information, consult the Government of Canada and Government of New Brunswick's COVID-19 pages.

Stay safe. Stay strong.
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