David Coon will run in Fredericton-Lincoln

Green Party Leader to run in Fredericton-Lincoln in next election

Fredericton – Today David Coon, leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick and MLA for Fredericton South, announced that he will be seeking the Green Party nomination in the new riding of Fredericton-Lincoln in the next provincial election.

“It has been an honour to represent the people of Fredericton South since 2014, but the change in electoral boundaries has forced me to choose between the eastern and western part of the riding,” said Coon. “As I live in Skyline Acres, I have chosen to run in the new riding of Fredericton-Lincoln. I look forward to meeting all those who live in the riding, from Bishop Drive to my neighbourhood to the airport.”

“For those residents of Fredericton South who will be voting in Fredericton South-Silverwood during the next election, know that I am working hard to ensure you will have an excellent Green candidate to support,” added Coon.

Founding meetings of the new riding district associations for Fredericton-Lincoln and Fredericton South-Silverwood are scheduled for September 26. Formal nomination processes for the two ridings will follow.

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