David Coon marches in support of climate justice


(FREDERICTON, NB) – Green Party Leader David Coon said jobs can be created immediately if the party's plan for fighting climate change is adopted. He made the remarks in a speech to the People's Climate March here today.

"None of the other parties have addressed action on climate change directly in their platforms." Coon said. "We are the only party that proposes to create jobs by offering practical solutions that will immediately create green jobs and investment opportunities for New Brunswickers."

A Green government would focus on helping landowners and businesses upgrade their homes and buildings so they can slash their heating costs and save money. The Green Party leader said this would cut New Brunswick's carbon footprint unlike shale gas extracting.

The Fredericton march, organized by the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, was part of a mobilization of hundreds of thousands of people around the world who gathered in a show of support for climate justice.