Bathurst-East-Nepisiguit-Saint Isidore

Serge Brideau

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Serge Brideau has held various positions, including ambulance driver, unionist, activist singer for the group Les Hôtesses d'Hilaire, care worker and member/vice-president of the of the SANB Board of Directors, Serge Brideau is a go-getter who has never been afraid to to express his opinions and is known for his outspokenness. He has always followed through on his ideas and everything he does, he does with passion. From a young age, he has always enjoyed speaking in front of groups of people. On stage, he is in his element.

Allergic to hypocrisy, incoherence and greed, Serge advocates instead transparency. On the other hand, he does not always take himself seriously. His sense of humor and self-mockery are ample proof of this. A lover of culture in the broadest sense, Serge likes, more than anything, to travel and meet others, to discover art, to savor local food, and to learn about local food, and learning about the history and politics of the regions he visits. At the age of 25, he went to work for the Gambian Red Cross for six months.

Since the age of 19, Serge has traveled, as much as possible, around the world, with a backpack or with the music group Les Hôtesses d'Hilaire. The biggest lesson he has learned from his travels is how lucky he is to live in Acadia. As he likes to say: "It's beautiful everywhere, it all depends on how you look at it.” What is dearest to him is his lover, Monica, with her two children, his family, his friends and his two dogs.

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