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Rachel lives in Petit-Rocher and is a single mother to a wonderful daughter. She holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing sciences as well as a master in business administration, both from Université de Moncton. She has been a Registered nurse for 23 years working in a hospital setting, taught at UMCS and worked with pharmaceutical companies. She is also an entrepreneur and owned a nursing home but now owns a travel agency.

She has been involved in her community since the age of 10 in a variety of organizations and committees. Her passion and the most important work she did was as Councillor and most recently as Mayor of Petit-Rocher.   These experiences have given her the opportunity to sit on different boards of directors such as L’Association Francophone des Municipalités du NB, the Chaleur Regional Service Commission, ‘Réseaux Action Organisation des services (RAOS)’.  She also encourages youth to develop their leadership skills by chairing the Youth Council, as she believes that they are our future. For her, the best part of being on municipal council and mayor was getting to meet and work hands-on with people of all ages and organizations in her community to help make the Chaleur region thrive and stand out as a place to visit and live in.

She has a passion for her community and is getting involved in making it shine. She firmly believes that Northeast New Brunswick is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by the rest of the province and the world.

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