October 2021 Newsletter

Can you believe it’s already fall, Time is flying by as Greens are keeping busy

The caucus was on fire grilling the Higgs government on:

  • JD Irving’s reliance on glyphosate
  • COVID-19
  • First Nation issues


What’s new within the GPNB:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Introducing Kaely Scott



The Climate Change and Environmental Stewardship Committee review of glyphosate and other herbicides in New Brunswick resumed in September.

Unsurprisingly, JD Irving was added to the agenda last minute in an attempt to have the last word. David was on it and challenged Jim Irving with tough questions.

Hear the conversation between JDI and David along with David’s interview with CBC HERE


"You've done very well in New Brunswick. When you say suspending the use of glyphosate would be catastrophic for the company... it doesn't quite stand up for me, given how well you've done." 

David Coon

Read the CBC article HERE (English article only)

Read the Acadie Nouvelle article HERE (French article only) 



In August and September, David continued to pressure the Higgs government to curb rising COVID-19 cases:

“The fourth wave is underway and for some reason, the premier is behaving as if New Brunswick is an island unto itself. Which, just because he said mission accomplished, will be untouched by the fourth wave and that’s not responsible.”

 – David Coon

 Read the CTV News article HERE (English only)

The pressure finally worked as the government announced new measures in late September to limit the spread of COVID-19 and boost vaccination rates.

Read the CTV News article HERE (English only)

Read the Acadie Nouvelle article HERE (French only) 

Despite all David’s efforts and rising cases, Premier Higgs publicly stated on September 20th that he did not regret his decision to lift the state of emergency. However, 5 days later Higgs ended up reinstating it due to rising hospitalizations.

Read the reinstatement measures HERE





David pressed Cade Libby, the deputy minister of the Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat to provide more information about how the province was living up to its obligations under peace and friendship treaties.


"…very frustrated about the unwillingness to be much more transparent and open with New Brunswickers about what Aboriginal Affairs is doing with respect to government's interaction with First Nations." 

David Coon

 Read the CBC article HERE (English only)

Read the Telegraph-Journal article HERE (English only)

 Kevin spoke out on how the Higgs government will not grant the new Truth and Reconciliation Day as a provincial holiday despite the intended purpose of honouring a step towards reconciliation.

“This is extremely disappointing on the part of the government, but not surprising, Higgs is not someone who recognizes the problems of minorities” 

- Kevin Arseneau

 Read the Radio-Canada article HERE (French article only)



Strategic Planning:

As part of our strategic planning process, a member survey was conducted over the summer.

 Our findings:

  • We have a strong and well-liked caucus and leader
  • Perceived integrity and honesty of the party
  • Good focus on our community/grassroots approach and decisions based on science
  • Opportunities included our ability to unite New Brunswick in all its differences

 Special attention to:

  • External communication
  • Our employee and volunteer capacities 
  • Our financial capacities (fundraising at both the provincial and Riding District Associations (RDA))
  • Remaining significant on the environmental approach compared to other parties
  • Our relationship with the Green Party of Canada

 In October, we will have virtual meetings with different groups within the GPNB to develop clear strategies that will help us reach our medium and long-term goals.

Introducing Kaely Scott:

It’s a pleasure to present Kaely Scott, our new Administrative Assistant.

Our office is now open from 8 am - 12 pm every weekday (COVID protocols in effect).

You can reach her at:

[email protected]


Glad we found someone as skilled and talented as Kaely.

Welcome aboard Kaely!