Ken Washburn

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About Ken Washburn

A lifelong New Brunswicker, Ken Washburn is committed to both the people of New Brunswick, and the environment in which they live and thrive. He grew up in Lower St Marys and attended school in Devon Elementary School, in a family that believes in both the importance of entrepreneurial spirit and responsible stewardship of the environment, as indicated by their deep connection to organizations such as the Nature Trust of New Brunswick.

Growing up on the banks of the St. John River, Ken became deeply concerned about the changing world around him and worked to make personal changes in his life to reduce his impact on the environment. He devotes his spare time to running clinics in an effort promoting healthy living. “I want to inspire people to change. I believe that if everyone makes even small incremental changes, it can make a huge difference,” says Ken. “At the same time, our efforts need to be supported by systems, and so we need to change those systems too”.

Ken says he is running as a candidate with the Green Party of New Brunswick because he believes it's time for change. For too long our systems have favoured large corporations at the expense of citizens. We’ve been presented with a false choice between economic prosperity and a compassionate, people-centred, environmentally sustainable government. The Green Party believes we can have both, and has charted a path that includes job creation, social programs and a robust healthcare system, and balances economic policies with environmental responsibility. As someone who has worked in local businesses, Ken believes that small, local enterprises will be the driver of job creations in our communities, once they are provided a level playing field, and access to the supports that are currently funnelled towards large corporations.

Ken believes that people have a right to thrive in all parts of New Brunswick, supported by caring, resilient social systems in places that can maintain and sustain us for generations to come. The Green Party will create such a New Brunswick.