June 2021 Newsletter

This month’s headlines:

  • Our Green MLAs in action
  • UN World Environment Days in June
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Green Party news from around the world
  • COVID-19 information

Our Green MLAs in action

May was another busy month for David, Megan and Kevin. Housing is a concern across New Brunswick, with our Green MLAs supporting constituents facing difficulties securing affordable, safe and secure housing for their families.

After the Legislative Assembly resumed sitting on May 11, all Green MLAs continued to advocate for changes in housing legislation. The Greens want rent control in New Brunswick. On May 20, David brought his bill 18 to Amend the Residential Tenancies Act for debate (second reading). 

When introducing bill 18, David noted that New Brunswick renters have fewer legal protections than renters in other provinces. He said the Residential Tenancies Act requires a comprehensive overview, a major project beyond the means of the Greens that should properly be a government responsibility. David’s bill 18 is meant to address the most critical problems by providing legal authority to the government to limit rent increases in New Brunswick. Further debate on bill 18, and a vote, will happen on June 3.

Green Caucus media releases in May

Green Party Bill to Protect Tenants Reaches Second Reading Debate

Rental review shows it is imperative for government to modernize Residential Tenancies Act

Arseneau says reversal of regulations on stamped lumber is great news for New Brunswickers

Green interventions in the Legislature

Did you know that most of the speeches by Green MLAs in the Legislative Assembly are archived on the Green Caucus YouTube channel? You can view them all HERE. Here’s a selection from May:

David - Paid sick leave
David- Tenants rights

Kevin - Tax Havens (FR)
Kevin- Forestry (FR)

Megan - Neurological disease
Megan - Nursing shortage

June 5th is World Environment Day

This year on June 5, the United Nations will launch the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. In New Brunswick and across the planet, ecosystems have been degraded or destroyed. This year we can think ahead to how we can conserve ecosystems that are still intact and restore degraded ecosystems. Healthier ecosystems, rich with biodiversity, have many benefits. By restoring ecosystems, we can remove significant amounts of greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.

June 8 is World Oceans Day

Canada proposed the idea for World Oceans Day in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2008, the designation of June 8 as World Oceans Day was adopted by the UN General Assembly. According to the United Nations, oceans produce at least 50% of the planet’s oxygen and buffer the impact of global warming by absorbing about 30% of the carbon dioxide produced by humans.

Some of the marine environmental issues to monitor in the Maritimes are: the impact of ocean temperature increase on the survival of fish species such as cod; the impact on whale populations of increased vessel traffic; and the impact of sea-level rise and storm surges on our coastal communities and infrastructure from highways and rail lines to sewage treatment plants and power lines.

Some notable recent and planned improvements on coastal areas in our region are: the new bridge in Riverview that allows the free tide on the Petitcodiac River; a new wastewater system in Moncton that will reduce to almost 0% the waste flowing to our watersheds and to the Bay of Fundy; and the start of the Boat Harbour Remediation Project that will end the pollution flowing into the harbour beside Pictou Landing First Nation in Nova Scotia and return Boat Harbour to its original state of a tidal estuary.

Volunteer opportunities 

The Green Party is looking for members to participate in these committees; 

  • Engagement (member relations, volunteer engagement, Registered District Associations’ relation & activities development)
  • Youth (transversal perspective on engagement, fundraising, policies, growth & development targeted to the 14-30 years old)
  • Diversity (transversal perspective on engagement, policies, growth & development targeted toward diversity)
  • Fundraising
  • Governance

Call Marco at the Green Party office at 506-447-8499 (or [email protected]) to discuss these opportunities.

Green Party news from around the world

In Scotland, the Scottish Greens won eight seats in the Scottish Parliament elections in May, and the co-leaders Lorna Slater and Patrick Harvie are negotiating a cooperation deal to support a minority government. Support for the Green Party in England and Wales is also surging, according to The Guardian. The Greens, led by co-leaders Siân Berry and Jonathan Bartley, did very well in the recent local elections (similar to municipal elections here) when they picked up seats formerly held by Labour and the Conservatives.

Legislative Assembly and contacting your Green MLA

To receive weekly updates of the activities of Green MLAs when the Legislature is in session, subscribe to the e-bulletin, Legislative Week in Review, here.

Through the pandemic, Green MLAs continue to serve the needs of their constituents. Here is the link to the hours and contact details for the constituency offices of David, Megan and Kevin: greencaucusvert.ca/contact-us.

COVID-19 information

For the most up-to-date and accurate information, consult the Government of Canada and Government of New Brunswick's COVID-19 pages.