Joanna Killen

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About Joanna Killen

Joanna Killen is running for the Greens because she believes we need someone to stand up for the interest of the working people in this province and not just the billionaires. Green MLAs are given the freedom and space to vote according to their conscience and not their party whip. 

She is running for the Greens because she truly believes that our province cannot afford a status quo majority government of either party. 

She says, “Greens keep both parties in check & unfortunately, after years of successive PC and Liberal governments that got us here, we need a new way of governing.” 

Joanna points out that  in 2021 almost 2000 West Siders chose to send her to City Hall where she has fought for more community funding, better transit service & funding and pride herself on being responsive to the people in my community. She says, “I'm running for the Greens because Greens get things done & I will too.”