Eric Doucet

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About Eric Doucet

Eric Doucet is a passionate advocate for change, dedicating his life to making a positive impact in communities worldwide. After a very successful wrestling career, he is now stepping into the political arena as a candidate for the NB Green Party in Moncton Center. He sees it as the best way for him to continue to fight poverty and homelessness and provide support to small businesses.

Born and raised in the Moncton area, Eric's love for performance and exploration led him on a remarkable journey across different corners of the globe. From captivating audiences as professional wrestler Markus Burke, to working behind the scenes to support various events, Eric's passion for the arts and entrepreneurship grew.

Upon returning to Moncton after his international ventures, Eric channeled his entrepreneurial spirit into establishing several small businesses within the community. Through these ventures, he experienced first-hand the challenges faced by local entrepreneurs and the vital role they play in driving economic growth and job creation. 

As a candidate for MLA, Eric is dedicated to implementing innovative strategies to address homelessness, providing support and resources to those in need, and fostering collaboration between local organizations and all levels of government. With a deep understanding of the struggles faced by small businesses, Eric emphasizes the importance of creating a business-friendly environment, promoting entrepreneurship, and alleviating regulatory burdens. 

Eric's vision for Moncton Center is one of inclusivity, sustainability, and progress. By focusing on these core issues, he aims to create a brighter future, where individuals find homes, small businesses flourish, and the community thrives. Through his candidacy, Eric Doucet is poised to bring real change to Moncton Center, to build a stronger, more compassionate society for all.