August 2021 Newsletter

This month’s headlines:

  • New Brunswick Day 
  • Leader's Summer Tour
  • News from our Green MLAs
  • We’re Hiring!
  • What’s Next?
  • Strategic Planning Initiative


Happy New Brunswick Day!

New Brunswick is now in the GREEN phase of the COVID recovery, just in time to celebrate New Brunswick Day with your loved ones.  

We certainly hope that this enthusiasm for going "GREEN" will stay with all New Brunswickers going forward!

Leader’s Summer Tour

David Coon began a tour of the province in mid-July and will be making his way around New Brunswick throughout August and September.  David is meeting with mayors and municipal councilors along the way, and reconnecting with Green members. Follow and like us on Facebook for updates.

News from Green MLAs

Below are some July highlights from our engaged Green MLAs:

MLA Megan Mitton introduced baby Henry, born at the end of June. Sending best wishes to Megan and the family!

N.B. advocacy group calls for improved workers' rights after COVID-19

The New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice is calling on the province to improve rights and protections for low-wage and non-unionized workers in the province. MLA for Kent-North, Kevin Arseneau has been a tireless supporter and the Green Caucus is working on a bill to bring to the Legislature later this year to modernize this legislation.

Green Leader calls for 80% Renewable Power by 2030

A total of $30 million across two different governments has been given to Saint John based companies ARC Nuclear and Moltex for the development of nuclear technology. Green Party leader David Coon says “new nuclear…is going to drive rates up.” The province would be better off focusing on renewables like solar and wind, along with storage technology to keep the grid functioning efficiently.

Recent hospital ER hour reductions a reminder of failed health-care reforms

Health officials were forced to close some emergency rooms after hours because of staff shortages.  This was an integral part of the failed health care reforms of February 2020.  Premier Blaine Higgs personally promised the Green caucus that no such closures would occur, but nothing has been done to address the critical shortage of nurses.  The Green caucus continues to press for better salaries and working conditions for nurses and other health care workers.

We’re Hiring!

The Green Party of New Brunswick is seeking an organized and driven Administrative Assistant to join our team.

Please apply to or share this job offer in your networks.

What’s Next?

In September the MLAs will be doing committee work: The Committee on Climate Change and Environmental Stewardship will be formulating its recommendations to the Legislature on the spraying of glyphosate, and begin an investigation into the state of our watercourses.  The Committee on Post-Secondary Education will be hearing from the four universities in the province, and the Committee on Public Accounts will be scrutinizing the work of a number of departments and Crown Corporations. The Legislature will resume in early November.  Our Green MLAs will of course continue to serve their constituents throughout the summer.  Click here to find out how to get in touch with David, Kevin or Megan and their staff.

Strategic Planning Initiative

Thank you for contributing to the SWOT analysis. We have received more than 50 responses from members. We will be working in the next few weeks to analyze them and present some key trends at the next provincial council in mid-August.

Stay tuned as we will send a summary and ask you to contribute to the next steps in drafting the various strategies for the party for the next few years.

Consider a Summer Gift 

We are so grateful to have such a vibrant and active community of green-minded people supporting our member-driven policies and initiatives. Your donations are essential to making the work of our party possible.  Please consider our monthly donation option.  It helps us manage cash-flow and makes it easier to donate when your gift is spread out over 12 months.

Monthly donations will:

  1. Spread the financial impact of your giving across the entire year, lessening the heavier impact of a lump sum payment.
  2. Protect the Party and its progress during times of uncertainty or emergency, such as during a disaster or pandemic.
  3. Support our long-term planning and preparation for the next provincial election.

Thank you!

Stay safe. Stay strong.
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