2022 Provincial Council Candidates

VP Anglophone, Rebecca Blaevoet

A bio for me might include the fact that I moved from Windsor, Ontario, to Windsor, New Brunswick, three years ago. My husband and I operate a braille publishing business and were hoping to find property in the country, so we could work from home, raise some livestock, have a good garden, and become more self-sufficient. We probably produce close to seventy-five percent of the food we eat. In my work, I do the braille editing and respond to customer requests, but my favourite part of it is bookkeeping. 

I taught independence skills to vision-impaired children and older adults for many years, from computer access to cooking; from money management to making a bed. That gave me some perspective about how different the world can look depending on your life circumstances. 

I also taught Welsh, in Wales, briefly, something that was definitely on my “to-do” list.

I have been a  choir director, joined Toast Masters and love a good book club.

Why I want to run:

I say, often, that I was a member of the Green Party before I knew it existed. During university I discovered that how we consume food impacts the planet. I now live on a farm where we raise meat-producing animals, but the transportation costs from the barn to my kitchen are negligible. I have never been interested in joining one of the big political parties in Canada, not seeing my priorities align with their messaging. It was only when the snap election was called in 2020 that I stepped forward. I helped campaign in carleton 45. Knocking on doors and hearing the concerns of my neighbours was interesting. I realized that the issues I care about are priorities for the Green Party. In addition to living within our ecological means and the value of participatory democracy, but being vision-impaired, social justice and equality are themes I confront every day.

Strengths I might bring to the position of VP Anglophone include:

  • I am bilingual in French and English.
  • I think slowly but ask the hard questions.
  • I enjoy finance and finding efficiencies.
  • I am a good listener.
  • I enjoy taking the ideas of others and figuring out how to realize them;
  • I like short meetings and enjoy time-keeping;
  • I have experience of boards and committees from a Welsh-language institute to braille literacy activism;
  • I have strong opinions about everything;
  • I don’t need to be in charge;
  • Most important, I care about Green values and try to live them in my own life.

Treasurer, Ryan Spencer

I am originally from Stanley, New Brunswick and recently returned back to Fredericton after living in Ontario for 11 years. I completed an engineering degree at the University of Waterloo and went on to complete a masters degree in business/financial management at Wilfrid Laurier University. Before returning to New Brunswick to work for McCain Foods, I worked for six years as a process engineer with Toyota. I am thrilled to be back in New Brunswick, be living in the Fredericton area and enjoy getting out to enjoy all that New Brunswick has to offer.

Why I want to run:

I wish to run for the Treasurer position as I feel my background and experience will serve myself and the party well in this role. I am proud that New Brunswick has Green Party representation in the legislature, backed by a common sense approach that focuses New Brunswick’s potential. I would like to support this effort in a meaningful way and feel this role would give me the opportunity to do so.

Youth Representation, Anthony Martin

Anthony Martin is a 19 year old former Green federal candidate for Tobique-Mactaquac. Born and raised in rural Kingsley, north of Fredericton, he is passionate about human rights, education, and the environment. 

Anthony's support of the Green Party's policies lead him to want to represent his community, and thus he sought an opportunity to voice his values on the political stage in 2021. He performed well despite running in a Conservative stronghold, and managed to garner a higher vote than the national Green average. 

Not content with his foray into politics, Anthony now sits on his local Electoral District Association as the Financial Agent. Pursuing his value of education, Anthony will be attending the University of New Brunswick in the fall, enrolling in the Business Administration program. Anthony continues to volunteer with local seniors, and actively searches for ways to better serve his community.

Why I want to run:

My name is Anthony Martin, and I want to be the next Youth Representative of the provincial Green Party. I hope to become an integral part of the green movement here in New Brunswick, and to continue to strive to better my community, my province, and my country. 

One of the most important factors towards these goals is the level of youth engagement. I hope to represent my generation both in and out of politics and to set an example for environmentalism, human rights, and community service. I am passionate about the Green Party's policies, and want to help further develop the party in order to achieve its goals. 

I will use my experience as a candidate and EDA member, as well as my concern and optimism for the future, to best represent the Green youth of New Brunswick.

Please note that for Regional councilor elections, only members of the said region will receive a ballot specifically for this purpose, in addition to the Provincial council election ballot.

South-East Regional Councilors, Mitchell Simon

Good day, my name is Mitchell Simon! I'm 20, born and raised in New Brunswick, and hoping to one day run for an MLA seat! Some of you may recognize me from the last election, but considering the circumstances since I was elected, probably not! Since I was born, my family has always had a strong sense of justice, having been the victims of many injustices. 

Since then, I've lived and struggled through the world to hope to better my and my family's circumstances, hoping to make sure they never happen again. If a door is  closed, a window is open, even if it means tearing the wall down to get an opening. If you elect me back onto the council, I hope to work with the fellow council member elects and MLAs to defeat both the Liberals and Conservatives to create the first ever Green government!

For your consideration,


What I bring to the table:

I'm not the brightest person on earth, nor am I the most visually appealing. However, I'm smart enough to admit I'm young and dumb, and that I have much to learn, but I don't give up. The last few years of my life may very well have been the worst I've ever had, but I always found a way to push forward and find a solution, no matter how hard it has gotten.

If I'm reelected to council, I promise I will continue my efforts with the committees I have worked with and the council to help improve this party bit by bit. To create a functioning government, you must have a functioning party!

South-East Regional Councilors, Diani Blanco

My name is Diani Blanco and I am originally from Dominican Republic. I overcame many obstacles throughout my journey from being bullied in middle school because of my skin color and physically, mentally abused at home. I was placed in the foster care system till the age of 16 when I moved on my own, got a part-time job as a cashier and was going to school fulltime. As a teenager I had a partner that was physically and mentally abusive for almost five years until I found my way out.

I was determined to not let my past trauma determine my future, now as an inspirational speaker since 2016 throughout high schools in New Brunswick, volunteer at the Victim Services, and as a Youth Worker I wants my story to be an example.

I am also a Podcast Host at Real with Diani Blanco and Event Host at #WeAreOne an annually event that brings women together for a honest and non-judgmental evening.

In the early stages of the pandemic lockdown, I started to hear more and more from single parents who found themselves in situations where no organization could provide timely help. Grocery stores allowed only one adult to come to the shop, little kids can't be left unattended, deliveries took long times because of the sudden demand, and they ran out of milk, diapers, or other basic needs, and this was a constant struggle. 

Partnering with one of my good friend, Alicia Roisman Ismach, we turned the sporadic help given on a personal basis to a growing community called "Queens of Hearts". 

We have helped hundreds of families, personally running from house to house with volunteers to deliver food boxes and other basic items, donated by the members of the group as well as local organizations that discovered the new initiative and decided to help.

I am very passionate about people's well-being and have always had the desire to do more for it. I wants to improve the lives of families by increasing the services available to them in our community. and that's why I ran for the Moncton City Council, on May 10th 2021. I didn't win but I gained confidence and experience.

Why I want to run:

I believe that my personal path in life has empowered me to help others. I value the future of our children and want to be part of great changes happening to keep our province a place we can be proud of.

New Brunswick is my home. While I may not have been born here, I CHOSE here. This is where our family has settled and our children will grow up. I strongly believe that the Green Party and myself have the same values, I see it as an even bigger opportunity to push for changes that benefit the entire province.

Fundy Regional Councilor,
Beth McCann, Ph.D., SLP, CCC-slp 

I am a native of the west side of Saint John. I graduated from St Vincent’s High school, was a member of the first class of students to attend UNBSJ and received a BA from St Thomas Univ. I studied to be a Speech Language Pathologist at the University of Maine. I was one of the first SLPs in NB and founded the professional association. I went on to study at Duke University and the University of Florida for a Ph.D. After teaching in Florida, Georgia and Saudi Arabia, I returned to NB to work at the Stan Cassidy Rehabilitation Centre and the Saint John Extra Mural Unit. In retirement, I work part time  as a clinical Instructor at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick in Saint John. I am an avid paddler and was an organizer of the 2017 Saint John River Brigade. I have also served as the Treasurer/Registrar of Canoe Kayak New Brunswick for 6 years. I was the Financial Agent for the Saint John-Rothesay Federal riding during the 2019 Election and am presently the Financial Agent for the riding. 

Why I want to run:

I have been an active member of both the federal and provincial Green Party for a number of years. I am presently the Financial Agent for the Federal Green Party in Saint John Rothesay, and have served on the Saint John Lancaster election committee in the past two provincial elections. I feel that this is the time to step up to the plate. As we hope that the pandemic is winding down, the fight against climate change is intensifying. We have a provincial government, fueled by the oil and gas industry, that is going in all the wrong directions. The Forestry industry is ruining our province rather than enhancing it, and the healthcare system is in total disarray. The Green Party of New Brunswick is needed now more than ever to put things right.