Voting at Sixteen: Giving a Voice to New Brunswick Youth

18 DECEMBER 2014

(FREDERICTON, NB) David Coon, Green Party Leader and MLA for Fredericton South, believes young people need a stronger voice in New Brunswick. To address this, Mr. Coon has introduced his first Bill in the Legislative Assembly today.

The Bill, entitled An Act to Amend the Elections Act, would lower the voting age from age 18 to age 16 in New Brunswick.

"It's time we give young people a voice in the future of our province," said Mr. Coon. "One certain way to do that is to lower the voting age to 16," he added.

With the introduction of his Bill, the Green Party Leader and Member for Fredericton South hopes to inspire and engage young people in discussions about the future of New Brunswick.

"What better way to engage youth in decision-making about what kind of New Brunswick we want for the future, than to ensure 16- and 17-year-old young women and men are able to cast a ballot in a provincial election," said the Green Party Leader.

Debate on Mr. Coon's Bill will take place in the New Year.