Time to File the Blueprint and Leave the Shale Gas Underground

10 MAY 2013

Fredericton - Green Party Leader David Coon says the Alward government's Oil and Gas Blueprint is nothing more than a public relations exercise to put a ribbon around fracking, noting a majority of New Brunswickers do not support the practice.

"Incredibly, the Oil and Gas Blueprint fails to make the protection of public health one of its key priorities, despite the recommendations of our Chief Medical Office of Health," said David Coon. "And surprisingly, it relies entirely on a 25 year old outdated regulation for environmental assessment to protect the environment, " said Coon.

Coon said, that instead of helping rural parts of the province by creating tools for rural economic development, the government is imposing an industry that is a threat to public health and water and unwanted by most , noting that a police officer had been stationed at the entrance to the hotel where Energy Minister Craig Leonard released his blueprint.

"The government does not have the consent of the people to push ahead with shale gas development, but it is determined to impose it on people's communities, so now we have rural residents gearing up to turn back the industry when it shows up in their neighbourhood” said Green Party Leader David Coon, referring to civil disobedience workshops that have been held in Kent County.

``It is time for Premier Alward to hit the stop button, suspend his public relations campaign, and listen to New Brunswickers,`` said Coon.

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>Living within Our Ecological Means

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We must live within the ecological limits of the Earth, while meeting our needs without threatening our children's future or the survival of other species.

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