The Green Party’s AGM adopts the theme « Another New-Brunswick is Possible »

24 APRIL 2015

(Rogersville, Monday April 20, 2015) - The Green Party of NB is proud to announce that its Annual General Meeting will be held in Rogersville this Saturday April 25th. A dinner highlighting New-Brunswick products will precede the AGM on Friday the 24th at 6:30 pm and will provide an opportunity for participants to meet David Coon and certain members of the provincial council. The business meeting will be held in the morning one Saturday (starting at 8:30 am) while the afternoon will take on a format of « world café » in order to encourage an open and inclusive discussion following a panel discussing with the theme Another New-Brunswick is Possible.

We hope this discussion will give participants an opportunity to get motivated in light of New Brunswick's politics, to take a stand on the issues and to begin to see themselves as agents of change. The panel will include Kevin Arseneau, geographer and farmer along with Willi Nolan, grandmother, elder and activist. The session will be divided into two halves with the first exploring how to create the future that we want for our children and the second reflecting on how to create a political party that serves our interests.

The Green Party of NB was formed in 2008 and now has two elections to it's credit. In 2014 the first Green MLA, leader David Coon, was elected in the riding of Fredericton South! The Green Party believes that we must re-conceive our economy to serve our communities to protect and restore our environment. The Green Party of NB values rural communities and believes that they should have full responsibility for their future supported by a robust local economy. For this reason we chose to hold the AGM in a dynamic community in an Acadian area.