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  • Green Party Announces 28 Candidates 6 Months Ahead of Election


    April 26, 2024

    FREDERICTON – With less than six months to go until election day, the New Brunswick Green
    Party is proudly announcing the nomination of over half of its slate, comprising 28 candidates,
    marking a significant milestone in its electoral campaign.

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  • Government must treat public Transportation as an essential public service

    FREDERICTON – With gas prices nearing $2 per litre, Green Party leader and MLA for Fredericton South David Coon says it’s time for the Higgs government to recognize public transportation as an essential public service and invest carbon tax revenue to ensure it is widely accessible.

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  • Energy efficiency responsibility needs to be returned to an independent agency

    FREDERICTON – The Auditor General report released this morning found that NB Power’s energy saving programs are difficult to access by low and moderate-income households despite 37% of New Brunswick households experiencing energy poverty, where they spend more than 6% of their income on energy. NB Power has slashed its energy saving targets and failed to implement government’s commitments on energy efficiency contained in the Climate Action Plan.

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  • Tracadie Firing Range should be co-managed by the local community in partnership with the M’ikmaq Nation

    FREDERICTON - New Brunswick Green Party Leader and MLA for Fredericton South David Coon says the 18,000 hectares of forest and rivers of the former Tracadie Firing Range should be co-managed by the local community in partnership with the M’ikmaq Nation.  

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  • Premier needs to take action to protect New Brunswickers from unaffordable rent increases

    FREDERICTON – Statistics just released by Statistics Canada reveal that the average cost of rent in New Brunswick has increased by 7.2% over the past year, compared with the national average of 1.6%. This, says NB Green Party leader and MLA for Fredericton South David Coon, is further proof that the province must adopt strong rent controls, including an annual cap on rent increases.

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  • Green MLAs eager to hear the recommendations from climate change experts

    The world’s use of gasoline, natural gas, oil, and coal has thrown our climate into crisis.  The resulting damage to homes, property, and health has been evident in New Brunswick for over a decade now.  Beginning Thursday, an all-party committee of New Brunswick MLAs will hold five days of public hearings on the renewal of New Brunswick’s 2016 plan to transition to a low carbon economy. 

    New Brunswick’s Green MLAs are eager to hear the recommendations from experts on what specific actions should be taken over the next five years to free our society from fossil fuels, and to protect our communities and infrastructure from the ravages of a destabilizing climate.

    “The science is telling us that during this decade we must make the most profound transformation in our housing, transportation, and energy supplies that the world has ever known,” said Green Party leader David Coon, an original member of the Legislature’s 2016 Climate Change Committee.  “The hearings will be video streamed, so I hope New Brunswickers will tune in because what we decide to do over the next five years will determine the state of the province we hand over to our children.”


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  • Premier must accept and fully implement Official Languages Act review recommendations

    FREDERICTON – Green Party leader and MLA for Fredericton South David Coon urges Premier Higgs to accept the recommendations from the Commissioners of the Official Languages Act and move to fully implement them.

    “I am happy that Commissioners Finn and McLaughlin have recognized many of the improvements that my Caucus colleagues and I have been calling for,” said Coon. “Now it is incumbent upon Premier Higgs, who is the Minister in charge of Official Languages, to accept these recommendations and implement them with sufficient resources.”

    The first recommendation in the report is to establish a Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly on Official Languages. The creation of such a committee was first called for by Kent North MLA Kevin Arseneau in the Legislature on June 6, 2019.

    “For over two years I have been trying to convince the Premier and all Members of the House, with the support of my caucus colleagues, of the necessity of a Standing Committee on Official Languages to facilitate further discussion of official languages by MLAs,” said Arseneau. “Premier Higgs needs to accept this recommendation from his commissioners and bring a motion for its creation to the Legislative Assembly this week, so the new committee can get to work in the New Year.”

    “We are glad to have had the opportunity to send a submission to and meet with the commissioners,” added Arseneau. “We thank them for their work. It is now up to legislators to take action. Our caucus is impatient to move in the direction of substantive equality.”