Safeguarding Air, Water, Land, Species

Along with the well-being of people, the state of the environment is the primary indicator of a sustainable society. We need to modernize the very way the New Brunswick governments regulate polluters and bring in new laws that protect our water, air and land. 

A Green government would:

  • Enact an Environmental Bill of Rights to grant citizens the right to clean air, water and land.
  • Make quarries subject to public review and improve regulations and enforcement to protect the health and safety of rural residents. 
  • Protect water quality in rivers, streams, lakes and bays to maintain or improve current conditions by implementing the 2017 provincial water strategy.
  • Introduce watershed, wetland and coastal zone protection legislation.
  • Invest in new water and sewage treatment plants, and move sewage lagoons out of floodplains.
  • Phase out the release of cancer-causing pollutants from industries.
  • Set strong waste reduction targets and ban plastic grocery bags.
  • Enact a “right to repair” law to extend product life.
  • Move quickly to establish protected areas on 17 per cent of the provincial land base by 2020 and develop a short-term action plan to protect at least 25 per cent by 2025.