Premier Higgs needs protect most vulnerable as he removes COVID restrictions

FREDERICTON – As Premier Higgs relaxes COVID-19 measures for the general population, NB Green Party leader and MLA for Fredericton South David Coon says he must put in place a plan that will protect those most vulnerable to serious illness, hospitalizations and death.

“Last fall we saw the negative consequences of removing all public health requirements while we were still in a pandemic and once again the pandemic isn’t winding down just because Premier Higgs wishes it to be the case,” said Coon. “I have been hearing concerns and anxiety from seniors, people who have disabilities or chronic health problems, and parents with children who are too young to be vaccinated and we need to ensure they are protected.”

New Brunswick has recorded 132 COVID-19 deaths in the six weeks since the beginning of 2022.  New Brunswick has averaged four deaths per day over the past week, the highest rate of any province in Canada.

“If Premier Higgs is going to continue to relax public health measures, he must do it slowly while making significant provisions in his March budget to mitigate the impact of COVID-19,” said Coon. “This needs to include upgrading ventilation in public buildings, providing universal access to N-95 masks, and ensuring all New Brunswickers have access to paid sick days so they can stay home when they test positive.”