Policy Manual

PDF version - Green Party of New Brunswick Policy Manual

Policy Development is an ongoing process facilitated by the Green Party of New Brunswick’s Policy Working Group that precedes, leads up to, and results from policy resolutions approved by the membership.

Policy approval is accomplished at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), or at a Special Meeting of Members (SMM) called specifically for that purpose. Prior to each AGM there is a call for policy resolutions from the membership. Policy resolutions are submitted in advance of the AGM or SMM and then circulated, discussed, and voted on at the meeting. Resolutions which receive a 60% majority support are adopted as official policy of the Green Party of New Brunswick.

This manual contains the policy resolutions adopted at various AGMs and SSMs since the Green Party of New Brunswick’s inception. The policies in this manual are used to develop election platforms.

All of the policies herein are consistent with the NB Green Party Charter of Principles (see pages 2-3) adopted at the Party’s founding convention in November 2008.