October 2022 Newsletter

Last month I toured the province to reconnect with Greens across the province, as we emerge from the pandemic. It was wonderful to see so many people face to face again. Meeting through screens is no substitute.

We launched the tour in Fredericton with the theme of 10 years strong and getting stronger. We met outside a farmers market, inside an agricultural museum, at a farm that provides training and skills development for adults with intellectual disabilities and mental health challenges, in an arts and culture centre, and at cafés on both the Bay of Fundy and the Baie des Chaleurs. Additional stops are planned for this fall.

Thanks to all who organized the events, and to those who hosted us at their beautiful venues.

My message was that New Brunswick cannot afford another majority government, and we are the only party that can prevent this.

We are distinctly different from the other parties. Our approach is deeply rooted in community and serving the common good. Our approach is based on respect for all people, and for nature’s balance. Our approach is built around a passionate defense of the commons: the land, sea and sky, the public spaces we cherish, and the public services we need. That’s who we are – the Greens.

Election planning starts now, locally and provincially. We’ve got work to do, so let’s get at it.


David Coon

Leader, Green Party of New Brunswick


In this issue:

  • Spotlight: Marco Morency 
  • Get Involved:
    • Events
      • Solar Open House - October 15
      • “Letters from the Future” - October 19
      • Elect a Green MLA! (Online) - October 26
      • Leader’s Quarterly Update (Online) - November 9 
    • Petition - Electoral Reform
    • Committees & Volunteering
      • Policy Working Group
      • Volunteer for GPNB!
  • Green MLAs in action - Committee Update
  • GPNB Press Releases


Spotlight : Marco Morency

We would like to thank Marco Morency for his contributions as Executive Director of the Green Party of New Brunswick.

Since 2019, Marco has patiently, passionately and empathetically led our movement in its growth and its entrenchment in the political landscape of our province.

From his environmental work with the Sentinelles Petitcodiac Riverkeepers to his commitment to francophone culture in the Société Nationale de l'Acadie and the Congrès mondial Acadien, Marco's dedication to the betterment of New Brunswick spans widely and runs deep. He brought this passionate advocacy and wide scope of understanding of social issues to his work with the Green Party of NB.

Marco had the patience to train new employees and volunteers, the tenacity to guide the provincial council, and the passion to go above and beyond during the last provincial election.

Without him, we would not be where we are: a party with a strong financial backbone, a party with dedicated staff, a leader and a caucus that can rely on an organized party.

We wish Marco the very best for his next steps in his career.

If you would like to write a message to Marco, you can do so in this e-card and it will be sent to him shortly.

We'll miss you, Marco!


Get Involved!

Solar Home - Open House Day & Fundraiser

October 15 (10am - 3pm) - 110 Mazerolle Settlement Road, Upper Kingsclear, NB

Curious to check out a solar-powered conventional home? Do you have lots of questions to ask before taking the leap into solar power yourself?

This is a great opportunity to see a functioning solar-powered home that uses net metering and a back-up battery.

Carl Duivenvoorden will lead tours of the solar system that charges his EV and powers his home in Upper Kingsclear, NB. He is a speaker and educator in all that is green and sustainable.

This is a free event, but donations can be made on-site or on the Green Party NB website.

RSVP HERESee Facebook event HERE.


Letters from the Future - Carleton RDA Fundraiser

October 20 (Doors open at 7pm) - 128 Connell Street, Woodstock, NB

With the climate crisis looming, the pandemic still casting its shadow, wars and rumours of war; wouldn't it be nice to imagine voices from the future, encouraging New Brunswickers that all is not lost, that hope still prevails, that there is yet time to make a positive change? The Riding Association of Carleton 45 invites you to readings from "Letters from the Future," By Chapel Street Editions, featuring Keith and Ellen Helmuth and George Peabody. Thursday, October 20th at Connell House, 128 Connell Street, Woodstock. 

Admission is $20, online through the GPNB website or at the door. Doors open at 7pm, programming is from 7:30pm to 8:30pm followed by Q&A and mingling. Cash bar provided. All are welcome.


Get ready to elect a Green MLA in your riding in 2024! (Online)

Wednesday, October 26, 7pm-8:30 pm

Yes, the next election is most likely two years away, but the time to prepare is now; whether you are thinking of being the candidate or want to work behind the scenes to elect a Green MLA in your riding, this is the meeting for you.

Experienced candidate and former RDA president Claire Kelly will facilitate this bilingual meeting.

**This training is being offered to current Green Party NB members. To check on your membership status please email Kaely at [email protected].

Register for this Zoom event HERE.

Info is also on our website.


New event! Leader’s Quarterly Update (Online)

Wednesday, November 9, 7pm

Save the date for our first-ever Leader's Quarterly Update with David Coon. Get the insider's scoop on what is happening at the Legislative Assembly this fall session and what your 3 Green MLAs are working for.

**This event will open to current members, to check on the status of your membership email Kaely at [email protected]

Renew your membership HERE.

Register for the Zoom event HERE.

Electoral Reform Petition

Green MLA Kevin Arseneau will be tabling a petition to the Legislative Assembly demanding electoral reform. You can read and add your name to the petition HERE.


Policy Working Group

The Policy Working Group is ending the review of the education section of our Policy Manual. Starting in October, the group will continue working with sections 4 (economy) and 5 (taxes and finances). If you are familiar with these domains or willing to participate, your input and ideas are very welcome. Please contact the group at [email protected].

Volunteering for GPNB

We are looking for someone who could help us verify and update our database. Are you that person who could make a few phone calls on your own time? If so, reach out to Kaely at [email protected].



MLAs in action

This September, Green MLAs were busy asking questions at Public Accounts Committee. Here are a few highlights.

David Coon got a chance to ask the Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development about NB Power's use of glyphosate and their lack of development of new renewable energy. Here is what he found out:

  • NB Power has stopped spraying glyphosate under power transmission lines.
  • 51% of NB Power's electricity comes from renewables, but only 7% is from new renewables since 2005.
  • The government has no plan to establish stronger renewable energy targets.

Megan Mitton asked several questions about the healthcare services that are not meeting the needs of New Brunswickers. Here is some of what she learned from Ambulance NB, Horizon and Vitalité:

  • Horizon only has 26 Sexual Assault Examiner Nurses, a decrease from 44 last year.
  • Last year, 152 nurses left their jobs at Vitalité, with an average age of 43. We must do much more to improve working conditions.
  • Ambulances were on-time less than 10% of the time in Port Elgin in July 2021. This is unacceptable. The contract with Medavie must be amended, or better yet, cancelled.

Kevin Arseneau asked the Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries questions about what they are doing to help small-scale farmers, fishers and harvesters. Here is what he found out:

  • DAAF doesn't consider major corporations such as McCain, Cavendish (Irving) and Oxford lobbyists, despite being lobbied by them routinely.
  • The number of farms is going down in New Brunswick, despite the government's local food strategy.
  • Although DAAF seems worried we are losing crab and lobster licenses, they are not proactively calling on the federal government to save them.


The Legislative Assembly resumes for its fall session on October 4, with a throne speech scheduled for later in the month. Follow what David, Megan and Kevin are up to in the Legislature by subscribing to the Legislative Week in Review. (Sent only when the Legislature is in session.) And subscribe to the Green Caucus YouTube channel.

GPNB Press Releases for August and September 2022

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