New Brunswick Greens Vote for Canada Health Transfers to Reflect Aging Populations

31 MARCH 2014

At its Annual General Assembly held in Moncton on Saturday, Green Party members passed a resolution calling on New Brunswick to work with the other Maritime provinces to advocate for a new Canada Health Accord that is adjusted for the age of provincial populations.

The Canada Health Accord expires today with nothing to replace it. Stephen Harper refuses to negotiate a new accord with the Premiers, replace it with per capita transfers of health funding instead.


"It is a question of fairness," said Green Party leader David Coon. "Provinces like New Brunswick have an aging population, and therefore require a level of funding that reflects the higher health care costs we must bear."

New Brunswick will spend $2.6 billion on health this year, representing almost one third of its overall budget.

"We need a fair share of federal health funding to have a sustainable health care system in New Brunswick, and that means that we must establish a common front in the Maritimes to stand up for ourselves. I will not accept us being treated as second class Canadians," said Coon.