Nanos Research Poll says 31% of Canadians are considering voting Green

08 AUGUST 2014

Green Party of Canada Press Release

OTTAWA – With the strongest second quarter fundraising growth of any federal political party and a new poll from Nanos Research indicating that 31% of Canadians would consider voting for the Greens, Party Leader Elizabeth May said today that the Green Party is poised to make significant gains in the coming election.

“The fact that more Canadians, over 31%, are now considering voting for the Green Party of Canada may be one reason that we have seen such a large increase in donations,” stated Green Leader Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich–Gulf Islands.

When potential voters were asked in the latest Nanos Poll whether they would consider or not consider voting for each of the federal political parties, 31 percent said that would consider voting for the Green Party.

Financial reports released by Elections Canada this past weekend show that the Green Party raised $531,404 in the second quarter of 2014, representing a 67% increase over the same period in 2013.  Conversely, both the Liberals and Conservatives saw their revenues decline relative to the same period in 2013.  

The party also saw significant growth in the number of donors contributing, with 7,546 donating to the party in second quarter of 2014 – an increase of 66% over the same period in 2013. 

“I believe this significant increase in donations, along with the increasing number of Canadians who are considering voting for the Green Party of Canada is a result of the growing frustration from voters who feel their MPs are no longer listening to them,” added Deputy Green Party Leader, Bruce Hyer, MP for Thunder Bay–Superior North. “Canadians are ready for change, and they will make that clear by voting Green in the next election.”

“The strength of our fundraising is another indicator that more and more Canadians are turning to the Green Party as a meaningful alternative to the other federal parties,” concluded Green Party Leader, Elizabeth May. “These quarterly results, coupled with the latest polling data show that our message is resonating with grassroots supporters, and that we are building momentum heading into 2015.” 

2014 fundraising numbers follow a very strong 2013 fundraising year, in which the Green Party of Canada saw revenue growth of 30%, and donor base growth of 52% compared to 2012. 



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