Green Party Leader calls on Higgs government to provide more supports for people with a disability

FREDERICTON – During Disabilities Awareness Week, Green Party Leader David Coon is calling on the Higgs government to implement the key recommendations of New Brunswick’s Disability Action Plan, including introducing an Accessibility Act when the Legislature resumes in November.

“While significant progress has been made in terms of raising awareness about New Brunswickers living with disabilities, government legislation and policies have not advanced very far,” said Coon. “By implementing the 43 recommendations from the Premier’s Council on Disabilities report, the Premier can show that he is serious about ensuring that people with a disability can live a dignified life.”

Coon also urged the Higgs government to provide better income support for people with a disability by establishing a Guaranteed Annual Income for people with a disability and eliminating the Household Income Policy.

"The Household Income Policy is punitive and prevents people with a disability who receive social assistance from sharing accommodations,” said Coon. “The new Minister of Social Development must move to eliminate this policy immediately.”