March 2022 Newsletter

So much is happening! Where to start? 

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is always a special time of the year. It’s when we get together and assess our work and look to the future of our Party. This year it is being held virtually on Saturday, April 9, 2022 - make sure to register here.

I am excited to announce that we will be electing the Provincial Council using online voting, and mail-in ballots for the first time. This will allow all members to participate, rather than only those registered for the AGM. This will help us “walk the talk” by reinforcing the democracy within our structure. Be sure to exercise your right to vote, from March 7 until April 7. Elected Provincial Council members will be announced at the AGM on April 9. Of course, only members can vote, so make sure you renew your membership!

Our newly adopted strategic plan is a great source of motivation for the Head office. The plan is laid out for us to obtain our best electoral success in 2024. Execution is ongoing, but we’ll certainly need you to contribute as we go. The foundation of our grassroots Party are the Registered District Associations (RDA). If there is no RDA in your area, reach out to the Head office and we’ll support you in establishing one. That’s where the action happens in terms of election campaigns and the sooner we prepare, the better our results will be in the next general election. The work starts now! I’m convinced more than ever that the NB Green Party is the true vehicle for change in our province. If you need inspiration, our 2020 platform is still online. Imagine electing a government that will keep its word and accomplish all that’s in there. Join us in making this change happen!


Marco Morency

Executive Director, New Brunswick Green Party

[email protected]

In this issue:

  • Provincial Council Corner: A note from our President Nicolas Jelic 
  • Volunteer Spotlight: Pierre Janin
  • Get Involved:
    • Call for by-election candidates and volunteers
    • AGM & Important deadlines in March
    • Join the fundraising Committee
  • Green MLAs in action
    • What happened in Legislative Committee
    • Higgs’ 2022-23 Provincial Budget
  • GPNB Press releases for February 2022


Provincial Council Corner

A note from our President - Nicolas Jelic:

Freedom, justice and peace are values that we must all cherish, promote and defend, especially to our fellow Ukrainians in these difficult times. In Canada and New Brunswick, we are privileged to live in a free and democratic society, albeit an imperfect one. We must therefore continue to work and develop the necessary policies to improve equity, have a better representation of society and develop the social, ecological and economic well-being of our population. 

Let us protect our most precious common asset: democracy. We are all Ukrainians.

Nicolas Jelic

President, New Brunswick Green Party

Link to David Coons Statement on the Ukraine and Russia war


Volunteer Spotlight

Pierre Janin

Pierre is originally from France and moved to Canada in 2008 after obtaining his Master's degree in Translation (English, Spanish, French). He worked for 3 years in a translation company before starting his own business as a freelance translator.

After participating in Nature NB's Festival of Nature, Pierre began volunteering as a translator for them, and then his interest in the environment led him to offer his help in translating documents for the Green Party. He also began volunteering for the provincial campaign of Greater Moncton candidates such as Josephine Watson, Claire Kelly, Carole Chan and Mélyssa Boudreau (his spouse). He has been a member of the Nature NB Board of Directors for the past few years.

Pierre has always had an interest in ecology from an early age and this interest has continued to grow, especially over the past 5 years. He sees the Green Party as the future and likes that it is so open, inclusive and diverse. 

Pierre currently lives in Dieppe with his wife Mélyssa Boudreau, Dieppe Councillor at Large. In his spare time, he hikes, birdwatches, gardens, and would like to start a native plant association or nursery in the near future to help reforest his hometown.

Pierre is a committed volunteer who has brought professionalism and consistency to our bilingual communications. We can't thank him enough for his (often speedy) contributions to build our party through effective communications. Thank you Pierre!

Interested in volunteering? sign up HERE

Get Involved!

 Call for by-election candidates and volunteers

Premier Higgs called the by-elections for June 20, 2022 in Miramichi Bay-Neguac and Southwest Miramichi-Bay du Vin. This date is fast approaching. Although we are starting to organize we still need your help!

Are you interested in running? Do you know someone who would make a good candidate? Let us know!

We are now actively looking for:

  • Phone canvassers
  • Door to door canvassers (If permitted)
  • Campaign volunteers
  • Donations:
    • Donate to Miramichi Bay-Neguac HERE
    • Donate to Southwest Miramichi-Bay du Vin HERE

Have a special skill? Sign up to volunteer HERE and let us know what you can do!



The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is 

Saturday, April 9, 2022


AGM March Deadlines:

Mon Mar 7, 2022

Announcement of Council nominee slate & Voting for Council positions opens

Thurs Mar 10, 2022 Provide AGM propositions to members
Sat Mar, 26, 2022 Last day to become a member to attend AGM

More info on the AGM and Provincial Council elections HERE


Join the Fundraising Committee

After our fantastic success with the 2021 year end-fundraising and January's trivia night, the Fundraising committee has been meeting every two weeks to keep the momentum going. They are focusing on increasing monthly donations, supporting fundraising for the upcoming by-elections and planning some fun events for later this year.

If you are keen to help - contact committee chair, Dave Wagner at [email protected]

We'd love to have your help!




MLAs in Action

Legislative Committees

In February your Green MLAs brought a Green perspective to the Legislative Committees. Committees allow for an in-depth review of issues and permit public and stakeholder input into the legislative process through written submissions and hearings. This includes having your MLAs hold the government accountable by ensuring that new bills have the proper evidence to support them and that government programs are achieving their intended outcomes.

More info on what a Legislative committee is HERE

Read this CBC article about Kevin’s thorough inquiry on the proposed amendments for the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act during Committee HERE

David’s Committee Weekly Minute Highlights:

  • David summarizes the Climate Committee:
    • “There is a greener alternative to NB Power’s preference of relying on small modular nuclear reactors - which will drive up our energy costs” Watch HERE
  • David discusses the nursing shortage in New Brunswick:
    • “Premier Higgs needs to make the necessary investments to increase the number of nurses being trained in his upcoming budget” Watch HERE
  • David speaks out about what he learned in the Public Accounts Committee: 
    • I was shocked to find out that the Human Rights Commission currently has 236 unresolved complaints, and the wait time for some more difficult cases is up to five years.” Watch HERE


Higgs’ 2022-23 Provincial Budget

David, Kevin and Megan hosted two online budget consultations to hear from you and answer your questions as they prepare for the provincial budget release in March.  If you missed the sessions, you can listen to the replays here: 

Budget for the Common Good - English - February 15, 2022

Un Budget pour le bien commun - français - 24 février, 2022