July 2022 Newsletter

As a Canadian for almost 4 years, July 1st is for many of us a day to gather with friends and family to celebrate a common good - our belonging to a society that promotes freedom, equality, multiculturalism, peace, openness to others and happiness for all.

Like many Canadians (whether by birth or naturalized), everyday we renew this pact with Canada to be exemplary and to respect and defend these values. 

This is why it is difficult for many to celebrate this day fully because of the dark chapter in our history - notably the residential schools. This history of cultural eradication of Indigenous societies is contrary to the foundations of our society. 

Let us also not forget that every July 28 we commemorate the Expulsion of the Acadians - another difficult page in our history that reverberates to this day.

We must face our history and we must act today and in the future to prevent it from repeating itself.

I invite all of you to reflect not only on this July 1st and July 28 but throughout the year on what each of us can do to make our community (and ourselves) more conscientious and therefore stronger together. 

For example, we can:

  • develop our civic education through online courses, or
  • ask your provincial and federal representatives about the status of the action plan resulting from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, or
  • (re)discover the Acadian culture and the richness of the French language in Acadie, or
  • defend and promote bilingualism in Canada and New Brunswick.

Let's celebrate this July 1st with open eyes, aware of our past but always ready to adjust our behaviours so that we are fully a free, equal, multicultural and respectful society.

With kind regards,

Nicolas Jelic

President, Green Party of New Brunswick

PS: Being also French, I wish a happy July 14th to my fellow French citizens who will read this monthly newsletter.


In this issue:

  • Provincial Council Corner
    • Fundraising update
    • AGM Update
  • Get Involved:
    • By-elections - thank you!
    • Policy working group
    • 10 years of leadership
  • MLAs in Action
  • MLA Quote of the Month
  • GPNB Press releases for June 2022

Provincial Council Corner

Spring Fundraising Update

A huge thank you to every single person who has made a donation to the Green Party of New Brunswick so far this year.  

We have raised just under $60,000 - which is a little shy of our ambitious goal of $70,000, however we did set a new spring fundraising record for the party!

We welcomed 16 new monthly donors and 41 first time donors.  Our party is growing because of you and we are so thankful for all of your support. 


AGM Update

On Saturday, April 9 sixty-eight members joined together for our third virtual Annual General Meeting.  We are grateful for technology allowing us to meet this way and also so excited to be able to meet in person again in 2023!

David Coon’s address is always a highlight.  

“We cannot afford to have another Conservative or Liberal Government.  People are suffering, the natural world is suffering, cynicism is at an all-time high in the province and that is being exploited by the extreme right.“ 

Our Executive Director presented a very positive picture of the state of affairs, including the fact that a team of part-time employees are now helping to grow the party and that our party is probably in its best financial position since its creation in 2008. Several amendments to our constitution and bylaws were made. Much of this was to harmonize our documents and make some updates based on the amendments passed last year.

The Provincial Council Election was conducted by electronic ballot, allowing all members to participate. The members present at the AGM were very pleased with this new process which will now be the norm. 

We have already introduced you to the newly elected members of Provincial Council, but we would like to point out that there is still a vacancy for a Regional Councilor for Fundy. If you are interested, please send an email to [email protected].


Get Involved!


THANK YOU to everyone who stepped up to help Chad Duplessie and Julie Guillemet-Ackerman during the by-election! We identified plenty of new Green voters in the process and increased our percentage of the vote in both ridings...and that's a victory in itself! 


Policy Working Group

Last June, the Policy Working Group started reviewing the education section of our Policy Manual. The group will continue working on finalizing proposed changes on both the healthcare and education sections during the summer. If you are familiar with these domains, your input would be very welcome. Please contact the group at [email protected].


10 Years of Leadership 

This September, the Green Party of New Brunswick will celebrate 10 Years of Leadership with David Coon.  We are looking for volunteers to help us organize a celebratory event in Fredericton and a provincial tour.  If you have an idea to host David in your area, please join us on Wednesday, July 6 at 7 pm.  Register here for the Zoom meeting.  Email [email protected] with any questions. 


MLAs in Action

The cost of living and gas prices continued to dominate discussions at the Legislature in June. David, Megan and Kevin joined Greens across the country to demand a one-time tax on windfall profits on oil and gas and to redistribute it to New Brunswickers. They also continued to push for the 5 immediate actions that Higgs could take today to help out some of the most vulnerable of our province in this time of economic instability.

The MLAs have also offered several other concrete solutions in the face of the cost of living and gas crisis. Megan called on the government to fund continuous glucose monitoring for people with diabetes, just as PEI has. Kevin asked why there has been no movement on the local food strategy and again requested that the government include food in the mandate of the Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries. After attending NB Power’s energy efficiency conference, David pointed out the role of energy efficiency in cutting costs and making us more energy sovereign.

Kevin made headlines by attempting to travel from Rogersville to Fredericton by public transport. After 24 hours and $250, it was clear that our public transportation system is in need of a serious overhaul. Ironically, his video traveled far and wide, rather quickly and efficiently!  

For more detailed information on the goings-on in the Legislature, sign up for the Legislative Week in Review and check out the Green Caucus Youtube channel.


MLA Quote of the Month

“New Brunswickers want to know where all the extra money they are forced to pay is actually going - the answer is Irving Oil and big oil.”  David Coon, Question Period, June 10.

Press Releases for June 2022

  1. Atlantic Green Leaders Call for Premiers to Collaborate on Renewables and Public Transit, June 29
  2. Neglect of Rural Communities Shows Need for Department of Rural Affairs and Community Development, June 24 
  3. ANBL fails to fulfill its obligation to promote responsible use of alcohol – Auditor General, June 23 
  4. Green Party leader calls on Legislature to hold hearings on reconciliation, June 21
  5. Legislature Must Be Recalled to Resolve Renters’ Crisis, June 20
  6. Green Candidates Chad Duplessie and Julie Guillemet-Ackerman announce Priorities for the Miramichi region, June 14.
  7. Green Caucuses call on Prime Minister, Premiers, to implement a windfall profits tax on oil and gas, June 13.
  8. Green Party leader presents motion to recognize Truth & Reconciliation Day, June 9.
  9. Green MLA highlights New Brunswick’s inadequate public transportation, June 3.