Greens Would Create Province-Wide Network of Community Health Centres


It’s About the Next Generation

Green Party leader Jack MacDougall announced today that a Green government would establish a province-wide network of community health care centres, accessible to everyone, to provide primary health care, lifestyle counseling and chronic disease management. “The Green Party’s vision is that our family doctors will want to fold their practices into the community health care centres, joining nurse practitioners, midwives, dieticians, registered nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, and other health professionals to provide comprehensive care for all New Brunswickers,” said MacDougall.


The Green Party says the province-wide network of community health centres would reduce the need for visits to hospital emergency departments and ease the burden on the hospital-based health care system, reducing wait times and stabilizing costs.

“To complement the comprehensive care provided by the community health centres, a Green government would take steps to prevent disease,” said Green Party Leader Jack MacDougall.  “That means tackling poverty, taxing processed foods high in salt and fat, and eliminating cancer-causing pollution,” said MacDougall.

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