Greens Balance of Responsibility


For Immediate Release
27 September 2018
Green MLAs offer to open discussions with Tories and Liberals

Fredericton – David Coon, leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick has met with his new caucus of Green MLAs: Megan Mitton, MLA-elect for Memramcook-Tantramar, and Kevin Arseneau, MLA-elect for Kent North. Coon has arranged to speak with both Blaine Higgs and Brian Gallant later today, about commencing formal negotiations toward establishing a stable government for the people of New Brunswick.

“Both Mr. Gallant and Mr. Higgs have obtained a minority of support from New Brunswickers, and they need to be prepared to discuss governing in a way that respects the majority,” said Coon. “My caucus and I will work toward a collaborative, stable government that accomplishes positive change for the people of this province. We take this responsibility seriously.”

Coon will offer both leaders the opportunity to begin negotiations in order to reach an agreement of confidence and supply that would enable the Green MLAs to support throne speeches and budgets, which are matters of confidence in the House. This arrangement follows the model used successfully in British Columbia wherein Greens hold the balance of responsibility in that minority government.

“The people of New Brunswick should rest assured that we will take the appropriate time to ensure that any agreement reached, with either party, is done so with the best interest of New Brunswickers in mind,” said Coon.