Green would take action to ease university and college students’ debt, says Coon

(Fredericton) Party Leader David Coon says pursuing a post-secondary education in New Brunswick should not leave students, graduates and their families with big debts and worries about growing interest rates on loans, announcing the Green’s commitment today in Fredericton.

“I’m proud that the New Brunswick Greens’ platform stands out from the other parties by demonstrating our commitment to the long-term goal of extending the public education system to include post secondary institutions through universal, free tuition,” says Coon. “But the immediate priority must be to act to address the crushing debts carried by many graduates and current students.”

“As our sons and daughters hit the books this fall, or enter the workforce with their new degree or trade certificate, the last thing they need is that constant worry about paying back student loans and carrying high interest rates on those loans,” says Coon.

Coon says a Green government would:

  • Eliminate interest on provincial student loans, as Nova Scotia has done.
  • Reduce the cap for the Timely Completion Benefit Program to $20,000 and extend the eligibility period to account for special circumstances.
  • Reinstate the tuition rebate program for recent graduates.
  • Develop comprehensive, accessible adult French and English training programs to increase fluency in the two official languages, in cooperation with the community colleges.

The full platform can be found here:

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