Green Party Leader Responds to Speech from the Throne

03 DECEMBER 2014

(FREDERICTON, NB) Green Party Leader and MLA for Fredericton South, David Coon, says he is looking forward to advancing a positive agenda for New Brunswick following the release of the Speech from the Throne today.

"We have serious issues to resolve on behalf of New Brunswickers, and as legislators, we must find new ways of working together so that we serve the public interest to benefit the many, not the few. People are sick and tired of the dregs of partisanship that have hindered our progress as a province for far too long," says Mr. Coon.

The Green Party Leader says it's time to get on with building the new economy to create green jobs, while tackling growing social problems head on, so that all the people of New Brunswick can live decent lives with dignity.

"A thousand jobs could be created by setting clear targets for energy efficiency in our homes and businesses. A growing energy efficiency service sector will create green jobs, cut living costs for New Brunswick families while reducing our carbon footprint," Mr. Coon adds.

Mr. Coon states that priority must be given to advancing the rights of children and youth by providing universal access to early learning opportunities, greater access to alternative education and early intervention to break the cycle of violence and abuse.

The Green Party Leader adds that while the Speech from the Throne struck a positive note and contains a number of important initiatives, it needed to detail how the government expects to fight poverty, improve access to health care, address environmental sustainability and advance the quality of life for children.

"If children are to be priority, government spending must reflect this from day one. Midwifery can provide a continuity of care for infants and new moms that is unavailable from obstetricians. Public health nurses can provide parenting support to parents who need it if they had the resources to do so. More single parents could go to work if affordable childcare and reliable transit were available. Additionally, children's health would be better served if we eliminated environmental hazards. We know what to do, we just need the political will to put children first," the Green Party Leader says.

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Our Principles

>Living within Our Ecological Means

A culture of cooperation, caring and understanding is essential to ending violence in our society. Rehabilitation rather than vengeance must be the goal of our justice system.

> Local Self-Reliance

We must have the opportunity and the responsibility as citizens to contribute to the common good, which requires that all have the capacity to participate in community life.

> Real Democracy

Everyone must have equal access to the necessities of life and be treated with dignity and respect. Treaties with First Nations must be honoured.

> Social Justice and Equality

We must be able to participate in decisions that affect our lives and be guaranteed that our votes are reflected in the make-up of the Legislative Assembly.

> Active Citizenship

Our communities should be in control of their own destinies, supported by strong local economies, and sustained by local sources of food and renewable energy.

> A Culture of Peace and Respect

We must live within the ecological limits of the Earth, while meeting our needs without threatening our children's future or the survival of other species.

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