Green Party Leader Responds to Province’s Economic Action Plan


Fredericton – David Coon, Leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick and MLA for Fredericton South is concerned that the Economic Growth Plan ignores important economic opportunities in the green economy.

“I’m pleased that the premier has identified local food and the smart grid as growth opportunities for New Brunswick as I have championed both of these files. However, an economic action plan that ignores climate change is incomplete,” said Coon. “There are real economic growth opportunities for New Brunswick in clean technology, transportation, green building construction and renovation, and in the bio-economy with more immediate and sustained growth potential than the Energy East pipeline.”

The economic action plan correctly recognizes that economic development must be carried out at the local level by requiring the creation of regional economic development plans across the province.

“Regional economic plans are a good idea, but local capacity, authority and resources are needed to develop and implement them,” said Coon. “New Brunswick needs a Department of Regional Development to work with communities to produce and implement these plans.”

Coon is currently touring the province with the Select Committee on Climate Change where individuals and groups have been presenting real economic opportunities for New Brunswick as the world transitions toward a low-carbon economy.

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