Green Party Announces 28 Candidates 6 Months Ahead of Election


April 26, 2024

FREDERICTON – With less than six months to go until election day, the New Brunswick Green
Party is proudly announcing the nomination of over half of its slate, comprising 28 candidates,
marking a significant milestone in its electoral campaign.

“In the lead-up to our Annual General Meeting this weekend, we’re thrilled to see growing
momentum within our party," remarked Green Party Leader David Coon. “The dedication and
passion of our candidates reflect our shared vision for a better future. Green is the colour of
change and I’m confident that together, we will bring positive change to New Brunswick.”

Coon expressed his gratitude to Deputy Leaders Megan Mitton and Kevin Arseneau for their
efforts in recruiting candidates. “I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Megan, Kevin and all of our
party staff for their tireless dedication to our party’s growth,” Coon stated. “Their hard work and
commitment have been instrumental in assembling an impressive team of candidates who are
ready to serve their communities with integrity and vigour.”

The Green Party Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday, April 27th at the Charlotte
Street Arts Centre in Fredericton. An agenda can be found online.

Candidate biographies can also be found on the Green Party website.



Media Contact:
Jo-Ann Roberts
[email protected]