Green Leader Wants Premier to Call Emergency Summit

01 MARCH 2013

Green Party Leader David Coon is calling on Premier Alward to convene an emergency summit of Maritime Premiers to create a common front in the face of Stephen Harper`s relentless attack on the fabric of the Maritimes.

``The latest revelation contained in the Main Estimates of a 60% cut to VIA rail services will put the nail in the coffin for our passenger rail link with the rest of Canada, which was a condition of our union with Canada in the first place,`` said Coon. ``This follows in the wake of heartless changes to the employment insurance system, and the ravaging of our environmental protection system with Bills C-38 and C-45, leaving every navigable lake and river in New Brunswick unprotected except for the lower St. John River, and his blatant disregard for the duty to consult with First Nations."

"It is time for the Premier to take a stand. Is he with Harper or with the people of New Brunswick?" demanded Coon.