Green Jobs Bill Gets its Day in the Sun

06 APRIL 2016

Fredericton – David Coon, MLA for Fredericton South and Leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick, introduced Bill 5, the Green Jobs Act, on December 2, 2015. On Thursday April 7, 2016 the Green Jobs Act bill will be debated at 2nd reading to determine whether a majority of MLAs will support the bill in principle so it can be sent to committee for clause by clause study and possible amendments.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing my Green Jobs bill debated,” said Coon. “This piece of legislation is a collaborative work that we built through months of consultation. I toured the province, visiting eight communities, meeting with hundreds of New Brunswickers to discuss how my bill could help build a green economy. If adopted, it would rapidly create jobs in every corner of our province.”

The Green Job Act would create the conditions for growth in the energy efficiency, renewable energy, manufacturing, information and clean technology, and forestry and agriculture sectors:

  • It sets enforceable targets around energy efficiency and the adoption of renewable energy for heating, transportation and electricity generation.
  • It establishes a public agency designed to drive investment and innovation in renewable energy, energy efficiency and public transportation.
  • - It amends the Electricity Act to support New Brunswickers in their individual and collective efforts to build a green economy

“The premier has indicated that he wants to hear ideas for creating green jobs in New Brunswick and is willing to collaborate to implement them,” said Coon. “This bill is a crucial first step to generate the conditions to build a green economy in New Brunswick. I look forward to the debate on Thursday and remain open to positive amendments to make the Act as effective as it can be to create jobs.”

Our Principles

>Living within Our Ecological Means

A culture of cooperation, caring and understanding is essential to ending violence in our society. Rehabilitation rather than vengeance must be the goal of our justice system.

> Local Self-Reliance

We must have the opportunity and the responsibility as citizens to contribute to the common good, which requires that all have the capacity to participate in community life.

> Real Democracy

Everyone must have equal access to the necessities of life and be treated with dignity and respect. Treaties with First Nations must be honoured.

> Social Justice and Equality

We must be able to participate in decisions that affect our lives and be guaranteed that our votes are reflected in the make-up of the Legislative Assembly.

> Active Citizenship

Our communities should be in control of their own destinies, supported by strong local economies, and sustained by local sources of food and renewable energy.

> A Culture of Peace and Respect

We must live within the ecological limits of the Earth, while meeting our needs without threatening our children's future or the survival of other species.

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