Fredericton participates in the Global Climate March event series

29 NOVEMBER 2015

(FREDERICTON) – A great turn out today for the screening of the documentary, This Changes Everything. More than 180 people participated in the event organized by the Fredericton Young Greens held at St. Thomas University campus in collaboration with the Fredericton Green Party of Canada Association and the Green Party of New Brunswick. The event is part of the global climate march event series happening across the globe in preparation for COP21, the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris.

The documentary is based on the critically acclaimed non-fiction best-seller by award-winning journalist and author, Naomi Klein. It portrays communities on the front lines of climate change in different communities ranging from the coast of South India to Alberta’s Tar Sands. The film connects the climate crisis to the current economic system. A backgrounder on the documentary can be found here.

“We have older people and younger people coming together over such a key and crucial topic today,” said Katherine Aske, member of the Fredericton Young Greens society. “The movie was terrifying but also very wonderful and inspiring. It has been a great Sunday afternoon!”

Following the screening, Green Party of New Brunswick leader, David Coon, explained the Paris Climate Conference process and what our provincial and federal governments need to do to make a meaningful contribution to the global effort of staying below 2 degrees of warming.

“This discussion is really about transformation. It means changing our patterns of production and consumption and land use on a scale that is large and transformative,” Said Coon. “In the Maritimes we have a tremendous opportunity because of our size and because of the work that is already being done in terms of building solar homes and manufacturing clean technology.”

Coon also announced he will be joining Premier Gallant on the Canadian Delegation to the Conference in Paris.

The group was welcomed by the new Chief of the Wabanaki, Ron Tremblay, who likened this moment to the birth of the Idle No More movement a few years ago. “The Idle No More was a movement not just for native people but for all people who want change. The focus is on sustainability and on stopping the abuse of our mother earth.”

Vadini Mahabir of the Capital City Cycles, said "I'm thankful to the Young Greens for putting on this event, reminding us the urgent need for action. Today's event showed not only how many people are concerned about climate change, but also how many passionate and powerful projects are happening right here at home"

The Fredericton Young Greens would like to thank all local organizations who participated in this event - Council of Canadians Fredericton Chapter, the Greener Village Community Food Center, to The Ville Cooperative and the Capital City Cycles.