Fixing Politics

issues_img_politics_big.jpgDemocracy is threatened in New Brunswick. There is too much secrecy and back-room dealing. The Green Party will bring transparency and accountability to the work of government. Furthermore, we will make sure your MLA actually represents you and your community.

The Green Party will engage citizens and communities to help to solve the challenges we face. This will be done through citizen assemblies, town hall meetings, and Legislative committee hearings. We will require major new policies to be subject to meaningful consultation with the public. All government contracts will be posted on-line for anyone to review. We will restore the Right to Information Act so that it truly ensures people have a right to receive the information they seek from their government.

Green Party MLAs will not be required to vote the party line. They will represent their constituents, and they will have an obligation to regularly solicit the views of, and consult with, the people of their riding.