First Ministers Should Support New Brunswick Blazing the Trail to Green Energy for Canada

02 MARCH 2016

Fredericton - Premier Brian Gallant has an opportunity at Thursday’s First Ministers conference on climate action to plant the seeds of transformative change for New Brunswick and the rest of Canada, according to David Coon, MLA for Fredericton South and Leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick.

“New Brunswick, should become the living laboratory for Canada to make the transition to green energy that is needed to transform our transportation, buildings and electric power system. That should be the focus of the first federal-provincial agreement signed with New Brunswick to combat the growing upheaval in our climate and jumpstart our economy,” said Coon.

In terms of New Brunswick’s contribution to a national strategy, the Green Party leader wants Brian Gallant to join BC Premier Christy Clark in championing a national power grid, saying the priority must be to move green power across the country rather than bitumen. Premier Gallant should also join with the Premiers of Ontario and Quebec to champion a high-speed rail corridor in central Canada, as it would drive a renaissance in rail transportation in the Maritimes Coon said that Clark, Wynne and Couillard should support New Brunswick’s bid to blaze the trail toward a green energy future for the rest of the country.

“We are small enough in New Brunswick to make the transformation from the oil age to the age of green energy by 2030. We have the renewable resources and we have the expertise,” said Coon. “What we need is for the Premier to see this as the opportunity that will create the conditions to drive our economic renewal, strengthening both our urban and rural communities.”